Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Culinary Tips..........."

Within the next three weeks my calendar now holds three appointments, each with opportunity of bringing forth unto others this inner connection established in Christ nearly forty-three years ago. Two of the dates are regular commitments, the Youth Detention Center and the rescue mission, a part of my life for well over a decade. The third is nothing new, in the sense of having ministered to church kids many times before. My grandchildren will be in this bunch, however, part of those who attend our own interdenominational school; and, in truth, this particular “congregation”, as a whole, sits in just as much need of the Holy Ghost in its midst as does the other two. Environment and circumstance does not change our humanity. Life “happens”, even in a sanctuary. What does one say to others concerning hope? How does one share possibility? Other than making yourself a vessel through which He might come forth, one doesn’t; and the way that usually works for me is usually no more than a word, a singular term “cooking” in that pool known in the depths of who I am. The aroma comes up and stirs my thoughts. My mind tries to capture it, examine it, and, at the same time, try to hear His voice speak to me concerning it. Always, though, the process remains throughout a joint operation. He is the “integrity” of the venture, holding it all together; and I am just a messenger, ill-fitted for producing any great message on my own. My talents do not embrace public speaking. If the “eggs in my basket” are to become an omelet, this old man needs to find the hem of His garment. That brings assurance; and all that’s necessary thereafter is stepping into His flow. Such recipe applies to much more than standing behind a pulpit, which, by the way is a ping pong table in the first place, a lectern in the second, a small stand at the latter, and all rarely used for anything other than a spot to lay my Bible. A starting point; no more. He then assembles all the ingredients, adds the variables, and seasons it to His tastes. If repeated more than once, the meal, even so, is never quite the same dish………

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