Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Check Point..........................."

Tony, in speaking to the men at the rescues mission Wednesday evening, confessed that when he was first invited to come with our group nearly ten years ago his immediate thoughts were about being able to share the Gospel with some homeless people who knew nothing about Christ. What he discovered along the way, however, was that circumstances don’t eliminate people from the human race. The only difference about “church” there and “church” where we worship every week is these fellows constitute a multi-denominational gathering. There may well be an atheist or two in the bunch, a Muslim perhaps, but they’re well out-numbered by Catholics, Baptists, you-name-it. The mixture varies; and I like it that way. One can just speak his heart without having to worry about crossing some individual doctrinal standard set in concrete. The minds here, in this venue, may be just as well predisposed as those occupying some fancy sanctuary elsewhere, their history marked by a religious tutoring at one point or another. At the same time, though, they’ve heard it all here and they listen to a voice coming to them out of life, not just chapter and verse. Not that my words aren’t measured. They are; but that, in itself, is all I seek. Don’t accept me as having it all figured out. Take it with you and chew it over as you go, following His tug on your anchor-line……

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