Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The teacher and I sat yesterday afternoon trying to “equate” similar experiences in our faith, events separated merely by terminology. Two of our charges were in other classes, another was with a speech therapist, three more on computers; and, for a few minutes, our schedule allowed us a break. He actually sketched a proposed diagram for such likeness. I suggested it be altered almost immediately. On my drive home from school, however, our conversation yet played itself out in my head, my rejection of his original picture not leading to a more perfect image of that which we were attempting to corner. What makes any of us think, to begin with, that it is possible to contain God in any manner whatsoever? My buddy finds the Eucharist to be a pinnacle for touching the hem of His garment. The old man wanted to point to Merton’s description of contemplation for a better example. In reality, though, both of us were walking around that which we held in our “belly”, wanting to share the divine encounter in as much as we knew it to be thus far. Hard to do with nothing more than vocabulary… Deep in praise last Sunday morning during worship, I pondered, however briefly, the linguistics pouring forth out of my mouth. Credible language or garbled utterance? Did it matter? Something deep within me cried out unto Him “You, alone, are the Word!” And that settled that…..

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