Friday, October 3, 2014


For the last four days my granddaughter has had my mind occupied with exploring the universe as Einstein and Hawking theorized it to be. As it turns out, as I discovered this morning while driving her out to school, one of her teachers is currently intrigued by the Bible declaring Jesus there “in the beginning”, one with His Father in the Creation, ergo “Before Abraham, I am”. Taken for what it seems to suggest, this earthly body, conceived by the Holy Ghost within Mary’s womb, having conquered death knew no restrictions in so far as “once it was, it always was”. What the students are being asked to consider, then, is the possibility of humanity at large to likewise one day solve the fourth dimension. Is it even conceivable that man might eventually build a time machine able to transport him “back to the future”? When you boil it all down, the geniuses are still only talking “theory”, looking at the “facts” as they perceive them to be, but “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” yet beyond their ability to grasp. They deal with bits and pieces, producing formulas that appear as if someone threw a bucket of pre-glued letters and symbols at an empty blackboard, the result resembling scrambled mess of hieroglyphics whose meaning is only understood by someone else familiar with the language. Stars collapsing inwardly to produce black holes, vacuums of sorts from which light can’t escape and the probability that two of them, on opposite side of a magnetic space wave could connect to provide a “wormhole” seems feasible to me, especially with modern telescopes and satellites feeding us images of their existence. I am, however, left with questions. MANY questions. If both sides of the equation are sucking everything into their individual tubes, what happens at the middle of this tunnel they make in merging together? Surely passing through it to the other side is defeated halfway, isn’t it? Furthermore, if all this originated from a big bang and all that’s out there is contained within nothing more than an infinite “blanket”, does that mean “reality”, as we know it, is no more than the outer layer of a cone formed by a huge explosion? That might explain our loss to assign all of this length and width; but what about depth? What’s occupying the enclosed area of the cone; or, for that matter, what’s beyond the point of origin, beyond the whole image? Forget past, future, and every other pluperfect tense. What, or better than that, WHO is holding this all in place? We speak of God. We take the Bible and “theologize” our individual reasoning of life’s enigma. Assurance, though, is “a reach through the veil”, a tangible inner connection in a man’s “belly”, not his head, and a “from faith to faith” stumble through this present moment. Tick. Tock. Forget the clock. Eternity lies within.....


  1. Some mighty good pondering there, Jim. "Eternity lies within." You got my vote.

    All the equation stuff is pretty fascinating and light years beyond my comprehension though I still enjoy hearing about it.

    All this made me think to go dig out some emails we exchanged in 2013 about dreams, visions and such. So very interesting to re-read as well as to ponder in light of this post. Time is a strange thing indeed.

    1. You make me smile. I keep a lot of emails and things to read and ponder later, although I keep so many that the ones you refer to have probably be eliminated to gain some space....