Monday, October 13, 2014


"The laws of nature might dictate that there has to be something. For example, those laws might not allow for empty space as a stable state. But that wouldn't take away the wonder. You'd still have to ask, 'Why are the Laws that way, rather than some other way?' I think we're permanently doomed to that sense of mystery. And I don't think belief in God helps. I've said it before and I'll repeat it. If by 'God' you have something definite in mind - a being that is loving, or jealous or whatever - then you're faced with the question of why God's not another way. And if you don't have anything very definite in mind when you talk about 'God' being behind the existence of the Universe, then why even use the word? So I think religion doesn't help. It's part of the human tragedy: we're faced with a mystery we can't understand."- Jim Holt, borrowed from “Whiskey River”

Just sitting here at my keyboard with a cup of coffee nearly eliminated, the pup curled up on the floor beside me, and my mind pondering life, in general. It’s early morning, my 73rd birthday, and Beth has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for ten-thirty. Neither church service yesterday brought me any real connection with the Holy Ghost, at least in the sense of His presence overflowing in our midst; a statement heard recently on cable news, claiming that the world is in no more trouble than it ever was, sticks in my mind; and today, at the moment, appears to be but one more space on the calendar to dismiss later tonight. Funny how easy it seems for us to merely “drift”, whether caught up in our routine as we have become accustomed to it, or in idleness as it overtakes us, the prospect of holding no obligation whatsoever equally a state developed as we go, one foot in front of the other, ho-hum, ho-hum. It’s who we are. Then, again, “life” doesn’t have to be determined by “things”. You don’t have to just accept what comes to you, be it the other guy’s opinion about humanity’s state of affairs, your own view of the possibilities left to you, or faith delivered to you in another fellow’s sermon. It’s probably safe to assume that the above author has not yet crossed paths with Christ, at least in an encounter that eradicates all doubts in so far as there actually being a Creator who, by virtue of that fact, will always remain more than we fit into a theology. Knowing Him via an internal reestablished Paternal umbilical cord transforms today into an adventure, faith into a reality wherein tomorrow has hope, fear and disappointment into an accessible assurance of peace in the middle of whatever circumstances have been giving you pain. I don’t have to praise it up, sing it up, or work it up in any form or fashion. Thirst is enough to find the flow…….


  1. Happy birthday, Jim!! Hey what kind of puppy do you have?

    Almost the same scenario here; coffee almost done, mind pondering but our pup is losing her mind trying to get to the squirrels who are taunting her mercilessly out the front window.

    I'm more than familiar with the thoughts expressed by Jim Holt having thought them myself. Generally speaking, he makes sense though I would go one step further now. If I can figure God out, I'm probably inadvertently just talking about myself. Life is not simple math much as we might like it to be and likewise the creator of it.

    "an accessible assurance of peace" Yup, in the final analysis, I think so.

    1. The pup is a little less than six months old. Posted a picture of him awhile back of him "climbing a tree" in my back yard! Was supposed to be a mixture of Shitzu and Chiuaua; but I'm thinking "mom" had a blind date with something a little larger than the two mentioned. His legs aren't low to the ground; his smarts have him already house-broken and obeying my commands; but still all the anxieties of being a pup, chewing the cord in two on our fifty dollar electric fan the other day... Beth's appointment turned out to be for Wednesday. The two of us went to First Watch for breakfast. Another drizzly day here in Kentucky....
      As far as "figuring God out", I don't need an Algebraic diagram of who and what He is, just an occasional "reach through the veil" wherein, inwardly, two are made one. I don't mind "log-distance communication as long as there is, indeed, a voice on the other end.

  2. Went digging in past posts but couldn't find the pic of the pup. Awww, 6 months! Just a baby still. Fun and frustrating all at the same time, huh?
    Ours will turn 3 years this month or next. Not really sure as she was a rescue from the far north that my daughter fostered and that I could not let her go. We got her when she was 4 or 5 months complete with a hardy bunch of worms that made hubby swear off Fettucine noodles for quite some time after.
    Here we are having an unbelievably beautiful warm and sunny day; one of our last I'm sure before old man winter hits.