Wednesday, November 26, 2014


”Spirituality is about seeing. It is not about earning or achieving. It’s about relationship rather than results or requirements. Once you ‘see’. The rest follows. You don’t push the river, because you are already in it.” – Richard Rohr

It’s seven o’clock in the morning. I’ve already took the chill of the house with the furnace, adjusted the electric heaters, made a hot cup of coffee to clear my head, and posted an entry on Facebook. The granddaughter is still asleep with Beth beside her. No school today, her principle having turned the holiday into Fall Break. The grandson who lives in Lexington, a college sophomore, is arriving this afternoon with a friend, pre-Thanksgiving enough to maybe play some basketball with the two other boys and with plans to possibly Black Friday shop with them as well. Beyond having some new tires put on the Fiesta later, there will also no doubt be some errands to run. The usual pies to pick up that she orders from a small local “home-cooking” restaurant, last minute pick-ups from Kroger’s. Bible study, this evening, is scheduled for a merger with another class, it being an almost certainty that many of our women will not be there. An unfortunate turkey will be occupying their attention. In reality, we’re looking at another year about to pass into the history books; and for me this part of my existence, more than anything else, seems like it keeps getting here faster and faster with each orbit we make around the sun. Although the reality of it all doesn’t have us “circling the drain”, as one grows older the image comes to mind. I am grateful, therefore, for “roots”, for that which “hooked” me more than forty-two years ago, a life-line, anchor-line, paternal umbilical cord holding me securely attached to the other side of the veil. That entry referred to above was begun with the quote preceding my thoughts here and then ended thus: “While I am thankful for preachers and teachers, even more so for those in the pew who have simply ‘lived it’ before me and thereby have been an example to follow, it is the journey, itself, that has taught me when life didn’t add up to theology confessed, brought assurance when faith was more than I could grasp at the moment. Again and again, somewhere in a quiet place, it has been He who has renewed my strength from an inner well.”… In my “belly”, in the most deepest part of whom I am, there is a cry, a hope, that all might so know Him as they travel their own path.


  1. Sounds like a nice time unfolding this week for you and yours. How nice to have this little break in the fall action.

    A friend of my sister's is visiting from the States so we will be sharing his Thanksgiving. And so, like the Hobbits' second breakfast, we'll be having second Thanksgiving.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. The grandson in Lexington arrived early with a friend yesterday afternoon, Mich. The granddaughter went south to Winchester with her family to in-laws there and hopefully returns in time this afternoon to be with us for a portion of things. Looking forward to family time with His presence in our midst. May you all know that as well. Happy Thanksgiving......