Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Somehow, while the amount of snow may well have varied in different areas around the Tristate, here on the outer fringe of Covington the four to five inches predicted fell far short of anything at all serious. The temperature has dropped below freezing; but, after clearing the walk and our car of the white stuff with no more than a broom, Beth and I went to the top of the hill for Chinese yesterday afternoon. My mind is on visiting the men at the rescue mission tomorrow evening, my thoughts sorting out the three services Sunday (two of them watched on my computer) and trying to piece together a couple of portions of Scripture. The Kingdom of God is a term found in all four Gospels, only Matthew mixing with it, as well, the Kingdom of Heaven. To me, surely there is a difference between the two to be explored; and I’ve pondered if perhaps the latter doesn’t simply refer to the believer possessing the Spirit of Christ “within” him, while the first suggests the idea of such reconnected power of divinity working “through” him. How well my own poor attempt to provide explanation captures truth is another matter; but this much most should accept as a basic understanding a couple of analogies Jesus brought forth: both the “treasure” and the “pearl of great price” refer to an inner abiding of the Holy Ghost being restored unto humanity through the price paid at Calvary. More than merely some revising of the registration forms, our paperwork already cleared for immediate entrance into that city on high, the blood-bought have been restored unto that same connection Adam knew in the Garden with his Creator. Therefore, when the apostle Paul speaks unto the Corinthians with a directive for them to “examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith”, the “proof in the pudding” that he extends is verification of that factor. Indeed, it is the one piece of evidence that affirms unto us that, in this journey, we have not been made “reprobate”, a term denoting our having been “cast away” or “rejected”. Some translations have reduced it to our having “failed the test”; but what’s important, what so many seem to have lost along the way, is a hunger to maintain such assurance in our “belly”, not our head. Does final judgment depend upon your theology matching mine in this matter? Christ sits on that throne, not me. I would, however, to “now”, this moment, this hour, this day. Do we “know” Him in more than just a mental image we have forged for ourselves from others thumping the Book?............


  1. Funny how some phrases stick out all of a sudden though we might read them many times before. The kingdom of God as opposed to the Kingdom of Heaven...never really took notice of this before. It wouldn't even have occurred to me that there might even be a difference. Something to chew on.
    "Christ sits on that throne, not me. "
    The more I know myself, the more I realize that I am definitely not qualified for that job though I seem to want to take a stab at it every so often.

    1. The Gospel of John, in fact, Mich, mentions "the kingdom of God" only in those two verses of chapter three where Jesus speaks of a need for a man to be "born-again", it only making sense that, in order for us to see (understand) and to enter into a place of our being in a place of "one-ness" with the Creator in any sense, we need the Holy Ghost in our "well". Not that we suddenly possess all knowledge of everything, but we ARE then "keepers of the flame". What we do with it is another matter; and if we do nothing at all, what has it benefitted us to gain it? We are not perfect, but we do now have "Perfection" within us; and our journey might yet be a stumble, but our heart, mind, and soul is set on Him.....