Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Doo dooo dooo dooo................."

My one neighbor’s house sits on a hill to our left, a rock wall running almost the entire length of its front footage and a fair amount of grass-covered slope to either side of the abode. Railroad tracks are no more than a couple hundred feet from his back entrance and a small garden is maintained in such space yearly. He had just mowed the lawn the day before and whether any of that accounts for what I witnessed early this morning, I know not; but, just before leaving for school, movement caught my attention and a peek through the window in my front door reveals absolutely hundreds of black birds descending on his property. For several minutes they continued to come from above my home, filling his yard so thickly that the green of the grass nearly disappeared, their chirping quite reminiscent of that old Hitchcock movie and, for a moment, giving me pause. Starlings, I suppose. Their aerial antics have held me spellbound on other occasions, but elsewhere, not here in this neck of the woods. Maybe the brief encounter was but preparing me for the Presidential debate tonight. No; the color of the birds definitely plays no part in the comparison, nor does the smug smirk that Obama has on his face while looking you right in the eye and lying through his teeth. What bothers me is how the media and much of the public seem to embrace his vanity, his arrogance, his inability to accept criticism, and his complete lack of moral character. My trust, no matter which way this goes, remains in a Creator who holds all thing in His hands; but, admittedly, while watching all this unfold, I find myself somewhat anxious, feeling as if Biblical prophecy might well be taking place right in front of me. The Holy Ghost gives balance and assurance. One day at a time, Jim; one day at a time……

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