Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The mind, to my way of thinking, anyhow, amounts to a man’s spirit working in conjunction with his brain. That emotional part of who we are as a person most certainly enters into the process; but surely a lot also depends on, not only what we’ve stuffed into our cranial cavity, but the physical condition of that organ as well. If so, turning seventy-one in ten more days could undeniably account for a lot of my jabber nowadays. Anyone who knows me, though, will attest to my having a tendency to always be deep in thought, and my thoughts often not too worthy to take seriously. With that said, then, let me now confess to what I pondered today while I was eating lunch with my charge in the cafeteria…. A young boy sitting a few tables away was wearing a blue and white t-shirt sporting the words “South Pole” across its front, probably no more than a brand name; but out of nowhere this image of the earth came to me and I mentally pondered just who it was that first determined north was north. After all, aren’t we really sitting on little more than a ball in the middle of nothing? If one floated up into an orbital position, what makes us believe that everything remains locked in a state of me, for example, travelling “up” to Toledo and “down” to Pensacola? In truth, it really could be the other way around, our orbit around the sun actually in reverse. In outer space, there is no “perspective” but that which can be gained from our relationship to something else out there! Indeed, if one can grasp all that, then let’s take it inward to a point where we all lose our ability to comprehend the enigma of who and what we are, that place where we realize something is missing and needs to be “fixed”. As much as I need outward connection in order to navigate, it is no different within the depths of my soul. He gives me direction and stability, balance as I go……


  1. Wow, the brain-fuel power of the t-shirt!! Made me chuckle. Happy belated b-day, Jim; hope it was a good one. Hey, that means we've been "acquainted" for about 5 years now.

  2. Meeting the youngest daughter and family for dinner in about an hour. Her birthday is the 16th, so we're kind of celebrating together. At seventy-one, five years has more and more become no more than a tick on the clock and you learn to appreciate the "now" more as you go. Good to find you here among my "brain-browsing" on this occasion. Hope your year with the kids is going well. They've got me in a different room this time around and the unit's all boiled down to just two rooms. Still having fun, though...