Sunday, December 9, 2012


A friend at school introduced me, Friday, to a beautiful new contemporary gospel song entitled “Redeemed”. The lyrics speak of struggling, being “haunted by ghosts that lived in my past”, and being “bound up and shackled in all of my failures”; but also declare God enabling us to “shake off these heavy chains” and to “wipe away every stain” while we go forward in Him. I find them powerful words, yet the message easily misunderstood if one doesn’t wrap it all up in the one line that points to a need to remember “O God, You’re not done with me yet”. Indeed, this is part of the message that went with me this morning to the Youth Detention Center, this plus some dialogue between two different women I know only through blogdom, each battling breast cancer and mentally dealing with what seems to them partial loss of their identity. Two separate view points about the journey and yet compassion between them in realizing Christ meets us where we are as individuals, every experience in Him “tailor-made”, His patience and His love bigger than our humanity. Such points were concluded with an old hymn, the whole kit and kaboodle tacked on in a few short minutes at the end, the Holy Ghost weaving it into what had already been said by the others in our group. We concluded in prayer. The hour was over….or was it? The three girls there asked our women to step into their unit; and then one of the boys raised his hand for us to enter into petition on his behalf. Then another, and another. For at least half an hour, tears flowed and the Spirit ministered. Ten years we’ve been doing this, but this was the closest we’ve come to encountering “Pentecost”. I am still rejoicing……


  1. Wow! Must feel like a breath of fresh air.

  2. It's always a "breath of fresh air" at the Center, Mich. In such surroundings, however, it is hard to move in the Spirit, not sure what the guards would do if the presence of God moved in too thick. You leave it all in His hands. I told the boys yesterday that kneeling to saw a few words of prayer with them there is a far different experience than "bringing them home" with us where we can enter in with Him on their behalf. This was, though, the most we have seen the kids, themselves, moving into an altar, visible evidence of they, themselves, crying out in a hunger to know Him.....

  3. It's good to hear this, Jim accounting of y'all's visits and ministry, Jim.

    I do love that contemporary song "Redeemed," as well as the old hymn (redeemed how I love to proclaim it, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, redeemed, redeemed...ah those old hymns!).