Monday, December 3, 2012

"Chance and Circumstance....."

We drove to the Detention Center Sunday morning through a rather heavy off-and-on-again rain, the two women who usually go with us having opted out on this occasion. There were five of us, nonetheless, the young Catholic teacher in charge of my Special-Ed unit having accepted weeks ago my invitation to join us. Years ago, a friend of mine, who now pastors that particular inner city church to which I had attached myself for a few years, suggested to a Bible class that it was impossible for two believers with different doctrinal opinions to witness Christ unto others and my immediate response to him was: “Give him to me!” Kevin now not only proved my point, but connected well with the kids in sharing his testimony. In truth, it was a good group, all of them “with” us from beginning to end. The boys, though, tears in their eyes giving obvious notice of our words hitting home, yet remained silent at the end, preferring to keep any commitment made to God a personal matter. It was the two girls who stopped us as we were leaving, the one asking Bob about where he lived. He had mentioned, in sharing, the fact that his home had recently been burglarized twice; she, as it turned out, was familiar with the area; and the conversation then led to a request for prayer. Indeed, it was one of those moments we wish would happen more often. The young women began weeping, to the point that even the female guard would later comment on feeling His presence in our midst. Tony, however, the last guy out of the room, spoke to Bob of hearing that one crying out as we were leaving, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” and we all are really wondering if perhaps she wasn’t one of those who had broke into his house. According to police and a few others likewise invaded, the perpetrators were a man and a female minor. It makes no difference, of course, other than stirring our curiosity for next week’s visit. You never know.…..


  1. What an odd set of circumstances this might turn out to be!

    I believe what you speak of is possible in spite of doctrinal differences. I also believe it is sometimes beneficial to us to interact with believers who might have different ways of practice from us.

  2. I'm with you and annie re: doctrinal stuff. Sounds like you have a good group of folks there.

    Interesting about the crying out. Good to know that somebody's hard shell was cracked and felt something for someone else.


  3. Annie and Mich: Even with the fellows in my group, there have been, along the way, when something has been said to our "congregation" that we all don't necessarily see the same. Such differences are left to the Holy Ghost while there and then later we may discuss it allowing for each person's perspectives. I can walk into anybody's church and worship with them. It doesn't mean I have to agree with it all or stir up a stink while I'm there.

    Bob is returning with us next Sunday. If she is still there, who knows?