Friday, December 28, 2012


Our weather here changed drastically Wednesday afternoon, snow and ice making the roads a dangerous situation for about four hours, just enough time for the powers that be to cancel church. No class. What a bummer. By morning, other than the temperature remaining quite frigid, all else was back to normal and, in truth, we were lucky compared to what other parts of the country suffered from the storm. “Limbo-itis” has me, I suppose, this particular week between the holidays long seeming to me like somebody just turns off the clock, the world in slow-motion and me sitting here doing not much more than twiddling my thumbs. We are told in the Bible, in reference to a man’s mouth, that a fountain ought not bring forth at the same place both bitter and sweet; but the Book also recognizes that a man’s humanity flows from the depths of who he is, what he is at any moment, his mood all a matter of how connected he is with that One who is able to heal the waters. Is a new year really a new beginning; or is time merely a flat surface stretched from infinity unto eternity, broken into marked segments for us to maintain some sense of where we’ve been and how much is in front of us? Caught in such scenario, the questions become “Is this all there is? Do I really believe that, beyond my final breath, my existence continues?” The answer, of course, is a personal matter, faith a substance we all individually maintain and its guarantee secure only in as much as that to which we attach it proves it to be. When the woman with the issue of blood caught hold of the hem of His garment, when Peter, suddenly sinking into the water, reached up and caught hold of His hand, however, all doubt, for the moment at least, was gone. Thus, for me anyhow, assurance is not maintained out of chapter and verse, Scripture but a piece of the puzzle, a part of the well, itself, and, indeed, that site put under each person’s responsibility to both visit and insure for themself that it stays in working order. It is, after all, what keeps us as we go……


  1. Limbo-itis, is right. For 2 days, I've been meaning to start a painting or drawing but still haven't gotten to it. I feel so incredibly lazy, it ain't funny.

    Time is strange and elastic it seems.

    Glad your bad weather has passed uneventfully. A lot of tornados in other parts. Didn't think it was the season for that...

    1. Getting some more snow over the next couple of days, but not all at the same time and shouldn't amount to much. I'm thinking there is something to that commercial which suggests "the more you move, the more you want to move", because I know for sure that the more you just sit, the more you want to sit....

  2. lol True. Better get a move-on. any minute now....

  3. I'm breaking through "limbo-itis" tomorrow morning to go back to work tomorrow after having been off since December 17th (and recovering from surgery). I expect the "re-entry" will be a tad rough!

  4. My first day back today, Annie, an a two-day week seeming a bit sillly to me. Going back was, in some ways, welcomed, in other ays, not with a lot of rejoicing. God, though, holds it all together....