Monday, July 28, 2014

"Glub, Glub............................"

"Deep calleth unto deep"..... Psalms 42:7

“You’re deep.” Thus commented our houseguest to me after reading my thoughts concerning her ongoing anger with the next-door neighbor’s manners behind the wheel. After my rejoinder, then, that it seems to be where most people put me in my pursuit of Christ, my wife posed her own opinion that she saw no reason for “taking the plunge”; and to that I suggested that, if someone was to place a bucket of money before her with the freedom to take what she wanted, she wouldn’t stop with just the top layer of dollar bills. Nope. As believers, we don’t explore any further than the surface for a couple of reasons. One: we are satisfied with the “membership card” already in our possession, all the rules and regulations as determined by our particular group printed on the back, entrance into heaven guaranteed by those who sit in high places. Two: we’ve certainly seen what happens to those fanatics who aren’t content to simply “occupy until He comes”, heretics adrift in their own vanity, trouble-makers insisting they have discovered new “revelation” beyond what we already know. In admitting to recognizing risk in spelunking the mystery, humanity, even “in” Christ” still humanity, yet I would point to such condition holding just as much significance for those satisfied with doing no more than “following the herd”. What we get in this is “a hook in the belly” and a stumble down the road, on either side of the fence held here in question. Yesterday I heard two sermons, both set into a warning for the church to “get ready” because a predicted shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles and the political state of affairs worldwide point to our departure being close at hand. Between those messages, conversation with a woman whose faith I highly respect, nonetheless informed me of her commitment, not just to “Jesus only”, but to “Swaggert only”, “King James only”, and the Cross “only”, in terms of it being the Gospel in its entirety, anything else unworthy of investigating. We are, indeed, a “peculiar” people. I plead “guilty as charged”. Sanity, for me, though, is achieved in a relationship maintained at an inner well, an attempted pursuit governed by His rod and staff, His tug on the anchor line, and trust in the knowledge that He has kept me thus far. In that, I believe…..

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