Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We return to the rescue mission this evening with three, maybe four, of us trying to squeeze into an hour what we bring to share. Somehow it always comes together, His voice, one message, just different perspectives. My own thoughts, at the moment, are focused on a few verses found in the Gospel of John, the scene one where Jesus has not only just healed a man blind from birth, but, as well, revealed unto him His identity as being the Son of God. To His disciples and to the Pharisees gathered there, however, Christ declares that it is “for judgment” He is come into the world, not in the sense of condemning people, but for eyes willing to admit of their need to gain vision. Indeed, He equates denial of one’s lack of understanding with the state of them living in “sin”. Note that it is the “church” to whom He is talking, those who consider themselves as having their salvation determined, defined, and delineated in a Book, their minds set in concrete, their ears closed to the One who was and is “the Word”. I was talking with friend this morning, via this blog, concerning people who seem afraid of exploring the deep, scared, I suppose, of getting “stuck” out there; but doesn’t it all depend on “whose hand you hold as you go”? Doesn’t the Gospel command believers to pick up our cross and follow? Psalm 23 declares “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside still waters.” This has always been a journey. Sitting down in my own little perception of things, content with my righteousness, my status as certified by me, leads to atrophy and a witness that stinks. Give me a “hook in my belly”, a Holy Ghost leash and the next step. If that yet leaves me with a stumble, my own GPS subject to error, if my heart is set on Him, He shall not fail me along the way......

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