Thursday, September 4, 2014


Having talked with the Detention Center boys last Sunday on pursuing Christ “through the bull’s-eye”, via that inner point of connection established within us by the work of the Cross, my intention this week is to simply pose the following question: “Why is it easier to accept an unexplained universe, but hard to find faith in a tangible Creator?” If some would suggest the problem, in this country, at least, is the result of social media (music, movies, and television), along with an evolved corrupted educational system, having brainwashed our children, I tend to define it more in Biblical perspective: “For the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God." Making such a statement, however, must also include the truth that we can’t just blame the situation, as it exists, on this present-day bunch, the thrust of the Gospel message, it seems to me, lost long ago. Then, again, maybe it is as it was meant to be: the reality of Christ “in” me being that treasure hidden in a field, and the Church, not the world, being that soil discussed in the Parable of the Sower. Now, there’s a shocker! An examination of the ecclesiastical institution as a whole, however, proves us with a Jesus who comes in various shapes and sizes, each with His own list of “Thou-shalt”s and “Thou-shalt-not”s, each with no real explanation for the claims we make concerning Him, simply a dictate that it’s either “Believe or go to hell”. We raise our children on “Father Abraham had many sons”, vacation Bible school, and a religious format; and then wonder why those who stay have no real depth. The “Pearl of Great Price” is right there in our midst, but all we possess in so far as sharing Him with others is doctrinal dogma passed from generation to generation. Tradition may alter it all somewhat as we go, but seed sown able to take root only in as much as it finds Him. Whether we’re ministering to kids locked up in a jail cell or attending their weekly Youth service, His resurrection must come forth. No reproduction. No self-inflated ego behind the pulpit. It is He who saves; and the procedure is a life-long process……..


  1. "A life-long process," yes I do believe it's so.

    1. Not so sure they always preach it that way, Annie...