Monday, February 16, 2015


Rob, a friend of mine over at "Faith Meets World", was prompted to write a nice Valentine's Day post illuminating the apostle John's declaration that God "is" love. In Psalms, however, we are told to "extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name Jah", an appellation expanded unto Moses there at the burning bush as "Jehovah", or "I am that I am"; and it would seem that, while we can examine the Creator through individual filters, we can never capture Him completely with just one particular, individual word. He simple "is"; and, as such, sits beyond our understanding, our ability to approach by any means other than reverence on our part. We find communion with Him through Christ. We can step into His presence via merger with He whom Christ has returned unto us. God, through Christ, and Christ alone, is tangible and accessible! Why, then, is it that men shun the light, preferring darkness? Why is it that some, even in claiming to know Him, yet "neglect so great salvation"? Can it be that we are content with defining Him in our own terms, doctrinal totems an easier means of establishing our own righteousness without having to face His? We walk within such boundaries as have been taught us, by such beliefs that the journey has thus far instilled into our thinking; and this old man has become convinced that "enlightenment" was never ours to bestow upon others via linguistic means in and of themselves. The Holy Ghost, Christ "in" us, is the promise given; and either that resurrected renewed reality comes forth in our daily life, witnessing somehow unto whosoever shares whatever moment with us, or all there really is... is just "me" stumbling down the path.......


  1. You always cause me to think, Jim, and to evaluate how much is just "me" stumbling down the path, and how much of the "resurrected renewed reality" comes through in my daily life?

  2. My teaching Sunday school was always accomplished through these three approaches: (1) Keep the class from getting into a fight; (2) Keep the class "on target" unless the Holy Ghost takes us somewhere; and (3) Make people think enough to get into their Bible and study it on their own.