Friday, February 13, 2015


Wednesday evening’s class was focused on the Book of Judges, it being the target point for those up to date with the schedule for absorbing the entire Bible in ninety days; but, with everyone scattered in accordance with their own pace, our discussion was not restricted to that particular portion of the Book. We were observing how the Israelites, God’s chosen people, lived a “yoyo” existence in their acknowledgment of Him, continually needing deliverance from problems of their own making. One man likened it unto the United States who, in its own short history, appears to be abandoning its own Christian roots; and when he brought up the subject of “holiness”, his words took me to a verse in 2nd Samuel where it speaks of Ahab and Jehoshaphat sitting “in a void” and listening to all the prophets prophesying unto them. Whether my friend had utilized such term in reference to a lifestyle we try to achieve in Christ or His actual identity within us, I know not, but America, in my own opinion, isn’t in this present state of apostasy because of its populace, in general, having rejected its roots. Rather, its condition reflects a Church that, in many ways, has lost its witness. When faith is grounded in a doctrine, in words rather than a Holy Ghost alive in our midst, when faith is represented by no more than humanity at the reins, thinking itself somehow appointed not just “keeper of the Flame”, but the Authority in charge of it as well, God’s people need to go back to the Cross and begin again. While in Florida the past two weeks, I became acquainted with a millionaire widow who had been courted by her married pastor with little doubt as to what was on his heart. My sister resolved that issue, but it seemed to me damage had been done. On the day of my departure, I sat with them in a small diner for breakfast and, after our meal, asked if I could pray for her. My initial entrance into petition was prefaced by an assurance that men remain men, even “in” Christ, and that it wasn’t my “words” nor any claim of me being an ordained preacher giving importance to what we were about to do. What we sought was “connection” with a Deity who as both accessible and tangible, One who knew both her hurt and her need. Tears began to run down her face and the two of us stepped into His well. For a moment, the three of us knew His presence in our midst, seed was sown, and this old man simply flew home leaving the Spirit to continue further in her life. Witness isn’t impressing others of my own form of “righteousness”, but sharing the reality of His promise, His holiness, His grace alive in me…


  1. We do seem to confuse culture with holiness. People seem to think that culture is everything that happens outside of the "gated community" of their respective churches like getting your lips pierced or listening to "long-hair music" as they said in the sixties. So we get busy breaking records and burning books and ideas to save the world or to "please God" I guess. The mentality is as alive and well and living in any and all countries as it was in the time of the Israelites wandering in the desert. We want quick and easy rules to live by in order to not have to actually stop what we're doing and listen. And horrors of horrors, we might actually have to be patient and wait.

    I find it so interesting (and perplexing) that we seek out what we know and that with which we are basically comfortable even if it is quite dysfunctional and almost always without consciously being aware of the tendency. It is when we reach the point of realizing what we are actually doing that we can truly begin to heal. That takes truth and lots of patience as well as a willingness to hear.

    Maybe one day, we'll quit trying to head back to the Pharaoh's place.

  2. You say it all quite well here, my friend. Good to be back in conversation with you. Vacation in Florida went well, only one day of hard rain and the temperature up to 80 one day, but in lower 70s for most of it. The natives were running around in sweaters complaining it was cold....

  3. Ha, silly natives. They need to spend some time up north here me thinks. That'll fix their little red wagons. I have no idea how that saying came about. Do you guys say that? Translation: that'll set 'em straight.

    Glad you guys had quality vacation time.

  4. Btw, have you guys seen the movie Chocolat. Its a favourite of mine and pertains to this topic.

  5. Haven't heard of it. Will have to check it out....