Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Star Trek................"

"If you went to the ends of the universe, going long or going wide;

Would you hit a wall or only fall into what's on the other side?

What if but a thin membrane was there to penetrate;

and, passing through, all that you'd do was just reciprocate?

Or, better still, a rubbery gel that you bumped twice somewhere;

and answering your soft 'knock, knock', a deep voice asked 'Who's there?'

Laugh if you wish, as we sit and spin while soaring through outer space;

But reality demands to know 'What holds this all in place?'

And the answer's not beyond the moon. No; eternity's within.

The gulf was spanned at Calvary's Cross when He died and rose again.

For if a man listens with all his heart to what he's searching for,

he can know who's on the other side by just opening the door....."