Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Coronary Connection..............."

The human heart: Jeremiah wrote that it is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Yet this element of who we are as an individual is repeatedly, throughout the Bible, determined to be that which God will one day examine in the finality of our existence here on Earth. The mind, which seems to equate to whatever elements of our identity are involved with thinking, reasoning, finding logic somewhere within the puzzle before us, also appears to be recognized as the main culprit in our stagger down the path. The Creator, apparently, is not so concerned about how well we solve the mystery. Rather He looks at the cry of our soul, stoops down to write with His finger in the sand, and pronounces mercy upon us if we are but willing to connect with Him in taking the next step…. Our church school bi-weekly chapel service was yesterday morning. The thirty year-old fellow who teaches Health and coaches those boys on our basketball team delivered the sermon, pointing to the woman taken in adultery and stressing the need in all our lives for something he called a “do-over”. Speaking of his own childhood years and the feelings of inner insecurity we’ve all wrestled with in this journey from time to time, he drew the kids into a prayer service that not only kept us in the sanctuary for nearly two hours, but followed us, then, back to our classrooms. Teenagers “confessed” emotional, hidden pieces of their relationships with each other. Tears flowed in abundance. “Lockers” were emptied and much was accomplished in so far as our being a “community under the covenant of His promise”. Today the waters will have, no doubt, have receded a bit. The well within, however, remains. We, in our busy-ness, in our lack of wisdom, do not always stop to drink, to swim, to know Him in its depths as often as we should. Nonetheless He holds us in HIS heart in as much as we have surrendered ours unto Him, the anchor-line, on His end, secured……


  1. Great post Mr. Jim.

    I was reminded of a note that my old bible study leader sent me a few months ago. He reminded and encouraged us to continue to "guard our hearts for they are the well spring of life."

    Solomon knew that our hearts long for good, but our mind tries to blur the lines. This allows us to try to reason or use logic to justify out thoughts/ actions. The person with virtue is the one who can listen to the spirit guard their heart from the mind.

    1. Welcome to my world. Kevin! If you don't mind (and if what's going on in my mind actually evolves into my next post), that which you've said here fits right into my current thoughts. We have been commanded to love God with "all" of four different elements within our potential to surrender unto Him; yet few of us seldom pause to consider them in any real depth.....

      Hope everyone there has a great Spring Break. Beth and I have no plans, but anymore it's always Spring Break. Not really. The last two days I subbed for the English teacher. They're using me now fairly frequently and I volunteer tutor lower level children two days a week. Slept in this morning for some reason, though, and didn't rise until about a half hour ago....

  2. Looking forward to reading it, we are sure ready for the break.