Monday, March 23, 2015

"Trinity in Me............................"

My pastor’s morning sermon yesterday was centered on the necessity of getting God’s Word out of our head and into our heart. While such theme is certainly there within the pages of the Book, nonetheless, it seems to me that few actually grasp the “mechanics” of such process. Does the achievement involve at all the filling of our brain with chapter and verse? Reading our Bible, most assuredly, has purpose. It is vital to our walk in Him. It is Christ, Himself, however, who “seals the deal”, pronounced by John to be “the Word made flesh”; and, if scripture fails to provide similar phrase elsewhere correlating Him with “the Word made Spirit”, yet there is plenty of Bible evidence to conclude such fact. When James speaks of our receiving with meekness the “engrafted” word, that which is able to “save” our soul, the Greek roots for that term can also be translated as “implanted”; so is he referring to the printed page or an inner reconnection with the Creator? When Peter declares us born-again, “not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible”, by the Word of God which “liveth and abideth” forever, once again the same question can well be posed. When Jesus, Himself, however, gives testimony of no man coming unto Him except “the Father draw him”, and Paul adds to that witness how it is the Spirit who gives us “access” unto the Father, I have long been convinced that when we fail to see the Holy Ghost in the role mentioned above, we tend to lose understanding of just who “swings the sword”. One thing I really loved about the message was the pastor’s using a large basket of flowers positioned just in front of the pulpit, center stage, for an illustration of the truth that we are but vessels for His presence. What should happen in our walk with Him is an overflowing of His reality until others no longer see us, but only Him. Even so, it should be, I think, in our talk…….

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