Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Temperature Check..................."

As someone who expresses his personal perspectives here on various matters, I freely admit to having, at least a few times along the way, gotten “over emotional” concerning the subject in question. More than once, after investing much time into an attempt to speak without anger owning the finished product, my conscience still wasn’t happy with the final results and peace required dismissing it all via the “delete” option. There’s a thin line there somewhere when it becomes much too emotional, one’s head holding no reins over their heart, and their heart in a heated separation from His wisdom. It’s called “being human”. Then, again, what about the displeasure unleashed by Jesus on the moneychangers in the temple? The whole dogma of His having been “100% God; 100% man” rests on the claim of His having never dismissed the Father’s will to chase the earthly side of such merger. Surely there is a “righteous wrath” and more so than just Paul’s admonition in Ephesians for us to not “let the sun go down” on where our inability to stay calm has taken us. As believers, we need a better answer to the problem than relying on His grace to forgive us again and again once we’ve abandoned all restraint and ran amok; and, beyond the sad state of “taking God’s mercy for granted”, it yet should be said, as well, that when we show ourselves to be no more than the fellow yelling at us on the other side of any disagreement, we just become what they are. All of our demands for submission unto “our” Gospel is merely one more religious hypocrite attempting to force all others to adopt his point of view, void of the Holy Ghost and all witness of “Christ in me”. Being “soldiers of the Cross” doesn’t equate to our arrogantly charging the world around us, but to standing our ground against a demonic enemy opposing His having already conquered the grave. Victory is not in me “thumping the Book”, but in me being a surrendered vessel through which He might come forth, a “light in the darkness”, a fountain of “living water” that brings assurance of His promise unto all…..


  1. Yes, relate to the delete button choice. I try to keep in mind, especially in these days of sleep deprivation, that pretty much everything is getting on my nerves at some point. Better to just keep my yap shut most of the time and wait until jangled nerves have calmed themselves. Nine out of ten times, something comes to light that makes me very grateful for having chosen to wait.

    My ma always said (in French so excuse the rough translation:) "Turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth before speaking."

    1. Now I'm intrigued even more: Was your mother's French native to her or studied and learned along the way?

    2. Her parents were born in France; each spoke French as well as their own regional language.