Saturday, March 21, 2015


My Friday assignment only involved half a day monitoring the church school science class; and the first two periods merely amounted to watching a video about the human brain. Mostly, it dealt with our ability to multitask, not just in the sense of driving a car while texting or reading a book while preparing breakfast, but also seeing and hearing things at the same time in the circumstances that come to us on a daily basis. Of a truth, although some appear to be better than others, no one is adequately “wired” for the task. In fact, I found it quite interesting to discover that our cerebral package only requires about twelve watts to operate, significantly less than what that little light in the refrigerator demands in order to operate the next time you open the door. That’s as humbling as learning recently that the DNA of a bullfrog is drastically more complicated than mine. Indeed, it makes me ask myself just what is it that separates man from everything else out there; and what comes to mind is not necessarily all the details contained in my blueprint, but rather the meaning of my existence as initially purposed by my Creator. From the very beginning, man was intended to be a vessel knowing merger with God’s Spirit! We, alone, were blessed with a consciousness to know Him in all that He is in all that we do! If, almost immediately, such fellowship was rejected in the Garden, it was never taken entirely out of the picture and eventually was set before us again, through Christ, as an option. Sadly, people being people, we’ve managed extremely well to lose the fullness of such Biblical promise somewhere along the way, burying it under so much religious ritual and doctrinal dogma set in concrete that the witness of “life” beneath all our exterior claim of knowing Him in such terms, especially here in America, falls short. Christianity, by no means, is dead. It’s still here and there, more “wheat among the tares” than the other way around, tainted by the “leaven in the loaf”, but nonetheless possessing “greater is He that is in us, that he who is in the world”. What we must ask ourselves is: How much “overflow” has penetrated my children, my family, my neighbor, and all those who know me in this journey as I go? Do others just see me, or is there ever evidence made manifest of His resurrected reality abiding within me?.....


  1. “greater is He that is in us, that he who is in the world”

    I've leaned on that phrase many times.

    Sounds like the school is keeping you hopping. And learning, how cool is that?

    Hope Beth is feeling better and that the meds situation has been straightened out.

    Watched a doc on Nanking during WWII on Netflix; proof once again that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Not for the faint of heart, I tell ya! It's just called Nanking. Oh people...

  2. Beth is on meds for a bladder infection, it being the cause, so they say, for the dizzy spells. She's taking calcium, cranberry, Vitamin D, and Nexium, plus the blood pressure pills. Now one more for the infection that has to be taken twice a day, 2 hours before anything else, and then at least 6 hours after everything else. Old age isn't easy; but it's where we're at..... I'm just grateful my own health enables me to both keep a check on her and participate in both ministry and the school.....

  3. Is Beth drinking cranberry juice or taking some kind of tablet? I'm sure you already know that the juice itself is excellent for bladder infections and all kinds of other things. Nexium is for digestive issues right?

    Apparently vitamin D deficiency is occurring in epic proportions these days. That and Vitamin B12 which is at the root of all kinds of crazy problems. We're especially susceptible as we age because our digestion can become less efficient thus inhibiting the absorption of B12. I may have already sent you this video but it's seriously worth another glance. Lack of B12 actually shrinks your brain! They suspect that much of what we think of as senility is actually a B12 deficiency. It also affects our immune system and nervous system. Symptoms can be reversed but the sooner it's caught, the better otherwise some damage can be permanent. Doesn't hurt to prepare ourselves with info before the doctor visits.

    Here's the link for the video and one where there's more info on B12:

    1. Will check out the video. Tks. Nexium is something she has been taking for years that helps her with acid reflux.