Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This morning, while waiting to drive McKenna to school, I watched as Fox News broadcast the story of a female Army officer who managed to complete some sort of twelve mile endurance trek carrying her rifle and a thirty-five pound backpack. Small in stature, she stumbled twice and fell as she neared the finish line; but, encouraged by comrades, she utilized that weapon as support to arise and complete the assigned course. It was an accomplishment worthy of recognition. Yet, if, in hearing that eighty percent of those who start that hike fall by the wayside somewhere along the way, my respect for her success increased, my heart also knew compassion for those unable to conquer the mission for whatever reason. In all my seventy-three years, there’s never been a single incident that marked me a “winner”. No athletic skills. No academic awards. The only certificate on my wall is one Beth discovered at my mother’s declaring me a graduate of a kindergarten class at Grace Evangelical Reformed Lutheran assembly. Still, I don’t think I’m alone. Most of humanity is like me. Few of us are anybody “special”. All of us, even those who do “ring the bell” and win a prize, are flawed. None are without error in this journey and life is a stagger down the path where what counts is just giving it the best you can. You run out of wind on the fourth lap? Sit down, get your breath, and try it again tomorrow. You flunk Algebra? Sign up for shop. Maybe carpentry is your niche. And if the world fails to give credit for stamina, there is One who is willing to go with you regardless of your track record, eager to coach you in the next step, and always a friend even if you’re continually the last horse in the race. Blue ribbons and awards may be nice; but I’d rather know His grace in a prayer closet at the end of each day. He makes me…. and you.... a winner.


  1. We just keep on keepin' on. ;-)

    1. going to the Detention Center in the morning with a message that resembles this post somewhat....