Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Life: the honking of two wild geese flying overhead; the red-leafed branches of a small tree dancing in the cool breeze before me; the warm sun feeding substance into everything, including me as I wait outside the doctor’s office for Beth to return. People come and go, humanity defensive in its denial, comical in its character, all of us, for the most part, incognito, our real identity hidden, at least to some extent, and just going through the motions. We are a strange creation in the midst of all else that’s out there, yet singular in possessing ability to contemplate the mystery around us. “Being”, however, gets lost in the shuffle, swallowed up in the everyday events that define our existence. One breath turns into another. The calendar clicks. One day, two months, ten years. Where did it go? For that matter, what was it all about? I’m not so sure it would be any different looking back, though, should we have laid out some structured schedule to achieve and then achieved it. Things happen. The “in-between” is an Algebraic unknown depending on right time, right place, circumstance, and the individual who happens to catch the event. For me, therefore, the essential is in knowing “anchorage”, not so much in the temporal, but in He who transcends beginning and the end. When Eternity is a well within you, each pause that comes your way finds your mind “returning to the ark”, each person that you meet is one of His “works in progress”, and all things have “purpose”. The past is a memory, the future is in His hands, and this moment is a gift given. Here comes my wife. She’ll be ready for breakfast…….


  1. :-) Like the doodle. Hearty appetite to you both!

    1. Her visit was yesterday, Mich. She's still in bed this morning and I'm "doodling" around on the computer....

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  3. Take a look at the Latin term Haecceity,... Thought about this as I read your blog this morning.

  4. Haecceity..."specific person", or at least that was the best, shortest version of it on Wiccapedia. I like it! And will keep it stored in my cranial file cabinet. Where and how did you ever come across the term?...

  5. Men's book group at church. I think he defined it as your ability to "be," a contemplative state. I think it was coined by Meton.