Friday, May 1, 2015


Walking out of church last Sunday, my niece, for whatever reason, asked my opinion about Bruce Jenner’s recent decision. When I replied that it was his choice, his life, not mine, my reasoning was held out of a strong belief that none of us ever really know the depths of the other person’s identity. She reminded me that his actions involved hurting his family. True; but the reality of this journey is in loving each other enough to weather our differences, to surrender our soul even when our spirit fails to understand. Whether the above is accountable for what has occupied my mind lately or not, it does seem to me depths that are beyond our ability to conquer, interesting enough perhaps for a dive into such waters, but greater than our condemning it with chapter and verse. Is there any of us who can give concrete definition to those two elements of humanity? Where do they originate? It is written that the one is “the candle of the Lord” and that God “lights every man that cometh into the world”; but does that conclude the matter? Is the spirit divinely inserted at birth, an angel appointed to install this critical part of our schematics, or is its creation simply programmed into the original blueprint along with the soul, its Siamese twin? Whichever way it works, I’m inclined to believe it (or should I say they) possess no individuality there in the beginning. Who and what they are will be determined by the package assigned, the environment through which it passes, and the history of its own choices, its own stagger down the path. Male? Female? Mathematically inclined? Animal lover? Psychologically challenged? For me it all comes down to our discovering the most vital piece of our existence was lost in the Garden, learning reconnection was made available unto us through what was accomplished at Calvary, and then accepting the gift as given. Do questions remain? Oh, yes; but I’d rather take my interrogatives unto Him than think, because I’ve read the Book, I have all the answers…….


  1. I think these are wise words, Jim.

    1. Agreed, annie! Very good.

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    3. This sort of subject often stirs up strife; but, if one refuses to entertain that sort of thing, what you're left with is speaking your heart. I may find it wrong some day, but it is how I see it now.....

    4. Couldn't figure out how to replies to you and Mich at the same time, Annie. So good to hear from you!....