Monday, May 18, 2015


Point: Take a sharp pencil and reach out anywhere to touch any one of infinitesimal lines invisibly running to and fro, here and there, north and south, east and west, and wherever you “mark the spot”, you have a “point”. Not a dot, or at least not speaking in correct mathematical terms. Not a decimal. That requires numbers on either side to give it such identity. Insignificant? Perhaps; unless you, or I, or anyone else, for that matter, happens to be that particular introduction of existing in this life. Then, suddenly, it depends upon perspective. The further one moves away from it, its reality disappears. The closer one delves into its depths, it’s also easy to drown in the totality of what we failed to know at first glance. Continue to place other points around it, elbow-to-elbow, armpit-to-armpit, and before too long its meaning has been absorbed by all else that’s out there. Does it have meaning? Purpose? Whatever attachment it holds with others, whatever self-satisfaction is found within its own existence, if there is no “point within the point” where definition is established by a higher Source, a person is left with nothing more than their own reasoning, their own defense, their own humanity as it has come to them down through the years. We need “connection”; we need “anchorage”; and, in achieving it, we are told in Scripture that we must to surrender unto it all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind, putting all our strength into such effort, for even in knowing Him, we remain wobbly in our walk. A point. Not in our head, but in our “belly”. Out of it flows living water, life for those who thirst, manna for those who are hungry, assurance for those who seek an answer to the enigma…….


  1. Nice one, Jim.

    "at least not speaking in correct mathematical terms" Reminds me of the era when musical instruments started going digital and sequencing became all the rage. It was then that I encountered the importance of learning the lingo as defined by the people writing the manuals. Never assume that your definition of a term is the same as theirs. That was rule # 1. Rule # 2 was: Never forget rule # 1!

    I have always loved geometry and its beautiful logic, especially proofs and theorems, etc. so I think it's great that you work it into this post this way. I guess everything is indeed defined in relation to something else. All the more reason to have a reliable "point" of reference!

    PS. Tried to fix up my latest attempts on my last post. Not sure if it makes much difference but....

    1. Thinking about taking this with me down to the rescue mission this Wednesday.