Saturday, June 18, 2011


Browsing through Alfred Edersheim’s “Bible History of the Old Testament”, I came upon the following statement: “It should be distinctly marked that on this, as on ever other occasion in Abraham’s life, his faith determined his obedience.” Within the teachings of the Church, such a declaration might indeed stand out as an example for all to follow; yet if the believer doesn’t stop to examine the fullness of what can be crammed into the linking of those five words, what does he or she really possess in terms of a foundation for his life? Cogito; ergo sum. I think; therefore I am. In truth, surely it is safe to say that all of us, for the most part, simply stumble down the path by our own reasoning and to whatever degree we find to trust in someone or some thing. What makes great God’s covenant with us is “grace”. Not, though, in the sense that unto us is given the freedom to define it, but in that “it” is the reality of who He is, Christ “in” me, another name for the Holy Ghost every bit as much as peace, assurance, forgiveness, joy – the list goes on. He does not make us any less human; He goes with us in the next step; and even in lieu of the fact that we all too often are prone to “lose” Him in our religiousity…..

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