Friday, June 17, 2011


Walking through Sam’s Club the other day, looking for the advertized release of “Pacific” and failing to find it, I picked up, instead, several five dollar purchases whose story-lines appeared to be interesting. Summer re-runs now own the TV channels and watching a movie together affords some quality time with Beth, she usually watching Fox news and me sitting in the recliner either reading a book or working a crossword puzzle. Thus it was, then, that last night found the two of us absorbing “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”, one of those present-day attempts by the Church to provide their membership with more wholesome entertainment than what Hollywood sets on the table. I am not adverse to such thought. To tell the truth, there has been at least a couple I’ve seen whose production deserves applause; but when the entire theme is nothing more than some Sunday school class, a cinematic portrayal of one’s individual doctrinal dogma, it seems to me that the money invested could have been better spent in other areas. The tale in this one was a bit amusing; even so, within its setting, was a demand for singularity, a “this way or the highway”. All that was missing was the bullhorns…..

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