Thursday, June 16, 2011


In a nut shell, our service with the men at the mission last night seemed to me well received, God in our midst, but at no time with His presence made heavy and obvious unto us. Hearts were connected, ears open to our sharing, prayer brought forth at the end with a sense of our being one in Him. Mark spoke on our journey bringing to us a need of being frequently refreshed. Tony took them motorcycling down windy roads, every day a new experience, the Spirit with us in every turn. I, then, pointed to the truth that, whether we were simply following the crowd or independently stumbling along with a mind of our own, every one of us requires of Him an assurance of His residence within us and the assistance of His rod and staff in the next step. Our interactions with Grace may well one day be judged, but it is given to us with no demands other than permission granted for re-entry through Christ. Once established, however, we do not walk within some sacred, invisible shield of protection wherein our identity has somehow become “holy” and incapable of error. What we have is an inner oasis, a position of contact from which the anchor-line extends, holding together our spirit and soul only in as much as we submit ourselves unto it. That is so whether one finds life has brought them to a rescue center for a good meal and a warm bed or to a place of occupying a pulpit realizing that it’s always “day one” with Him……

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