Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The city has a park directly across the creek which runs adjacent to our stretch of old state highway #17; and if heavy rains bombard the countryside south of us, before any of the houses on this side are threatened, that area over there always gets flooded first. Nonetheless, baseball and soccer fields are immediately restored, that portion fenced-in for people to exercise their dogs is continually repaired, and most any time of day someone is picnicking, bicycling, or walking the paved trails at a brisk pace. I, myself, have a three-mile course mentally marked off that is conquered on a regular basis. Monday morning, early, having entered via a path that winds its way through some trees and past “canine country” before connecting with a small bridge leading to a north or south option, I turned right and circled that end before approaching that same point, now coming down the main road. It was not yet eight o’clock and, seated in the bed of a red pick-up, two young adults, boy and girl, were talking and looking over the cab at the sky before them. They seemed to me as if they were parked at the drive-in theater and watching some movie. Nothing but fluffy white clouds in the distance, though. Love in bloom? Conversation over a couple of cokes while the sun was just beginning to rise on high? None of my business. By the time I lapped the other end and returned, they were gone, leaving me with the above questions. It was the beginning of a beautiful day. To each their own…..

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