Saturday, January 5, 2013


Beth and I watched a “Person of Interest” episode last night, one wherein the computer genius is actually the main character; and, having maneuvered his way into holding a certain high-school teacher’s position, he steps into keeping a young boy from being killed. Possessing high skills in math, he has no problems with the assignment. Gaining the kids’ attention, however, is another matter; so he draws a circle on the board and then writes out the number pi to about the seventy-sixth decimal point, announcing its potential to continue unto infinity without ever repeating any sequence. When his “congregation” finds it “no big deal”, what they’re told is: within that stream of digits, somewhere, is their birth dates, their cell phone number, the combination to open their lockers, etc. Now, they’re listening… Taking toys apart to see what made them work was never a passion of mine in childhood; nor did dad teaching me in my teenage years to change the oil in my car ever evolve into a love of mechanics. Always, though, at least as far back as I can recall, trying to figure out life in general has occupied my thoughts. Humanity, itself, is strange enough; trying to understand myself seeing as how I didn’t seem to fit into that puzzle was even harder; but, when the reality of deity became part of the picture, while a sense of peace came to me in so far as my own situation, exploring the truth of my salvation has been a forty year walk with Him, a lesson still being taught as I go. Some may find the above basic arithmetic fact no more than a coincidence, questioning, as this old man does, if indeed its eternal measurement really contains all that information; but, to me, it represents, either way, the precise tuning of this universe, the hand of God manifested unto us in but one more way. Nothing is solved; much in the same sense that any computation reached with the aid of such numerical assistance is going to be left with an answer hanging out there in limbo. What remains unshakeable is that internal connection given me back in the beginning, the innumerable times along the way two have become one, my faith a matter of having been received and then nurtured in the journey. Finding Him in small “pebbles” like this one, here and there along the path, is just icing on the cake……


  1. Well put.

    Been wanting to watch the "Person of Interest" show but can never seem to remember to look for it. Sounds good. I like the main actors.

  2. It's one of my favorites, Mich, still bringing forth a plot that holds your interest and without all the "sexuality" that other drama shows tend to incorporate into things after awhile. Surely by now they've got some re-runs on one of the channels?