Thursday, January 24, 2013

"You Are Here..................."

The universe, in as much as science has thus far even begun to grasp any complete explanation of it, is the product of a great explosion. The point where that particular event occurred, though, is, I believe, yet beyond our ability to locate, the other direction, as well, never determined to have any kind of end to its spread. What exists, then, in so much as putting any measurement to it all, is infinity stretched to infinity regardless which perspective one might take, eternity, if time is applied to such calculation, no clock capable of surviving the trip. That latter statement, however, is made merely because, within such vast space there is nothing known to us that can be classified as being perpetual. Everything changes, some things faster than others; and what’s more: everything has an end. The only thing we really possess is the moment; and yet even it belongs to us only in the sense that decisions we make, actions we take right now, shape the future as it comes to us. Little, seemingly insignificant pieces of the puzzle form the picture as we go. Doing nothing at all can alter the course of things as much as anything else. Of course, in the big analysis, the individual has no choice but to deal with the process as it continues to evolve around him, that being where most of us live on a daily basis; but if there be any remedy to the situation, the best that this old man has found is an inner connection with the One who holds it all in His hands. There is some work required on our part to ensure the channel remains free of the debris that seems to collect non-stop, flotsam and jetsam from a world spinning in a frenzy and gone mad; but He supplies peace and wisdom to navigate the stream, strength to maintain the pace…….

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