Sunday, January 20, 2013


There is no doctorate of psychology hanging on my wall, but it does seem to me that man is a product of his culture, his environment, and his history. Nonetheless, it would also appear that any two people those three elements in no way come out “cloned”. We are individual in who we are, distinct in our character, our personality, and our opinions; however, in. spite of our differences, we tend to gather in “herds”, seeking fellowship in our passions, I suppose, needing security, perhaps, among those who are at least like-minded… While Beth and my oldest daughter were shopping Saturday morning, I spent nearly an hour in a half-price book shop rooting through the religious section and walking away empty-handed. It’s usually the same anymore with Barnes & Noble, the shelves there stocked with the same selection, just marked with a higher price. Celebrity preachers, each with their own approach, their own insight, their own way to “make it work”, peddling what may well feed others, but failing to put much on my table. Most of it I’ve heard before. It has nothing to do with wanting new revelation, another perspective on the Gospel message. In truth, it’s more like the other way around. If Christ “in” indeed equates to a resurrected Savior actually re-connected to me via the Holy Ghost, then, within me, the Spirit leads, pulls, and directs my path. In searching, I am simply trying to secure His witness in sorting out all that’s “blowing in the wind”. When the Bible speaks of being “of one mind” and “in one accord”, the important thing to focus on is His voice……

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