Monday, January 14, 2013


The husband of Beth’s oldest sister died Saturday. Back in March, doctors gave my wife’s oldest brother and this fellow terminal diagnosis, expecting the latter to go quickly and the first having maybe six months left to live. As it turned out, cancer reversed that, this one not just surviving the longest, but remaining, to my knowledge, without pain, up and around the house until several days ago. More or less, he simply lay down in bed and crossed over. They’ve asked me to sing at the funeral tomorrow, requesting the same song shared at the earlier one, this occasion actually marking the fourth time I’ve done it. It came to me via hearing the Crabb family perform it on some television program. The father had written it, speaking to his deceased mother, his words, from the very start, connecting with something deep inside me. More than merely a statement of grief over a dear one’s departure, there is truth expressed in how so many of us all too often let opportunity slip away until it’s too late. I’m providing this link for any who might care to hear it, this one providing the lyrics in case wanted. This weekend, as one might imagine, has had me busy, school today a bit hectic. The rescue mission is slated for Wednesday evening. My mind, at the moment “runneth over”. Somewhere in the mixture another post will come. When is another matter……


  1. So sorry for your family's loss, Jim. That is a lovely song.

  2. My condolences, Jim to you and Beth. I will listen to that song in a while, may be a bit too much for me these days though I'd like to hear your version!