Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was driving to school Friday morning, fully aware of all the road conditions around me (no stop signs missed; no pedestrians injured); but my mind, as usual, was occupied with a whole lot more than the journey. In that first chapter of our reading assignment, A.W. Tozer offered, as definition for “what” the Holy Ghost is, the idea that He is a Spiritual “being” capable of “penetrating” our own spirit in such a way as to get into our thoughts and, in some ways, even change our personality. He is one of my favorite authors; but his use of that word “penetrate” was giving me pause. For whatever reason, it just sounded invasive to me, as if God moves in from some outer position and possesses us. Better, or so it seemed to me, the term “osmosis”, as the title of this site was meant to suggest, His presence tends to come forth from some re-established well within us to become one with us, a merger freely given only in as much as we are willing to receive it. I so phrase that last portion because, even as I pondered such grace as offered us in that package purchased for us at Calvary, tears began to run down my face, His bond with me being made manifest. No tongues. No voice, audible or otherwise. Just a sudden sense of His divinity blending with my humanity, a few moments of knowing He was there, and a phrase, a “light-bulb in my brain”, realizing even as I continued driving down the road in a state of gratitude and worship: “Yeah; sometimes He just shows up”……


  1. True, Jim. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. May we all so know Him in the reality of who He is....