Friday, February 1, 2013


“Merely because we are busy, or even skilled, doing something doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting anything accomplished. These questions must be asked: Is it worth doing? Does it get the job done? Are our efforts to keep things going fulfilling the great commission of Christ?.... Most of the evangelistic efforts of the Church begin with the multitudes under the assumption that the Church is qualified to preserve what good is done. The result is our emphasis on numbers of converts, candidates for baptism, and more members, little or no concern manifested toward establishing these souls in the love and power of God, let alone the preservation of the work.”..R.E. Coleman

For the second time this school year, what appears to be not much more than a dusting has given me a day off. Beth awoke me at a little after five o’clock with the Board’s telephone declaration. I grunted, turned over, and went back to sleep. Bad decision. The last two hours (or at least some small portion of it) has involved a dream wherein this old man was seated with my wife inside a church sanctuary, one that at least seemed to be the facility we attend; yet, having gotten to my feet and walked outside such space for some reason, I suddenly found myself in another assembly altogether. They were teaching a class in the foyer. I recognized no one. Re-entry proved to be just as disturbing: Beth was no longer in there, everything was different, and from there it got worse, driving and not being able to find my way home…. Just a dream? Maybe; but, in writing this, it comes back to me that my initial departure from the service was due to discovering a different shoe on each of my feet. Then, at one point in this mental drama, I remember a man providing me with a new pair, making me think of that verse in Ephesians where Paul speaks of our being “shod with the preparation of the Gospel”. There is no inner witness of the experience equating to “divine revelation”, no “inner tug on the anchor-line”, merely my thoughts considering the above quote and how much the Christian Faith, at large, has evolved in the last forty years, forget the last two thousand. What we wear reflects who we are; we are what we eat; and I’m particular about both……

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