Thursday, February 21, 2013


”She is more precious than rubies; and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her”…..Proverbs 3:15

The Earth may indeed be tilted on its axis; but I’m beginning to think it has picked up a wobble along the way. How else does one explain the temperature being in the mid-thirties Sunday, all the way up to over sixty Monday, and today plunging to twenty-one with a mean arctic breeze that just cuts right through you? The world, in general, is screaming for solutions, chaos in just about any direction one might look, more and more it appearing as if we’re sitting on a powder keg, the fuse lit and ready to blow. I don’t mean to sound like Chicken Little. I’m not running around with a “Repent or Burn” slogan on my t-shirt. In truth, there is peace in my soul about it all, my girls and my grandkids all anchored in Him, all things in His hands.

Caleb just won the Best Offensive Player trophy in the final JV tournament, a game that was lost by a last second buzzer beater. As a Ninth Grader also much utilized by the Varsity team, he’s facing that time in his life where peer pressure is always part of the picture; but I see his heart and the birthing he has known in Christ. McKenna is a Seventh Grader about to step into her teens this summer. Beth and I replaced a worn-out Bible for her this past weekend, the above verse inscribed just inside the front cover as I had originally penned it on the initial gift. We told her that it speaks about God’s wisdom, but felt He wouldn’t mind if we applied it to her. There are no guarantees in this. The future is always a mystery in front of us. His promise, though, is more than words in a Book; it is an assurance found within, an anchor-line connection in my belly. In Him, I can rest and find peace……


  1. I'm smiling because I remember when "grandfather" didn't know how to put pictures on his blog!

    Such precious blessed grandchildren! It's always a joy and a privilege to hear of your family, Jim.

  2. Mitch % Annie: Thanks! They are, indeed, "good kids"; and I well remember, Annie, when papaw hardly knew how to spell "blog".....