Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Selfish though it may seem, maintaining this site has never been about my becoming a writer, accruing a list of followers and perhaps someday publishing a book. This old man has always known he’s not an author and his opinions don’t float with most people out there. Still, there are those few who continue to visit and, in realizing that my thoughts tend to be repetitive, rehashing old matters, I often struggle here with “keeping it fresh”. During school, my mind is occupied on a daily basis, little time available to sort things out paper-wise. Evenings often get swallowed up by church, basketball games, and just keeping my wife from becoming a “computer widow”, this, to me, not Facebook, a running monologue of every move I make. This is, in some ways, “prayer time”, a place where life gets sorted out, maybe not so much in a one-on-one manner with Him, but most certainly in a relationship shared with Him… That said, knowing that this subject matter might be “stale”, I apologize; but, since Saturday afternoon, my mind has been occupied with “The Parables of Peanuts”. An elder gentleman brought forth a short ten minute message on Tim Tebow and John 3:16 during Upward’s interval between halves, his theme not much more than, when the verse is severed into six segments and properly stacked atop each other, it is possible to vertically obtain the word “Gospel” within its content. Personally, I thought it lacking of any real substance; but, then, I once addressed a similar crowd years ago, building my own point on a Charlie Brown cartoon within the pages of the book mentioned above. No doubt there are those who might question that approach as well; but someone once quoted Christ declaring how “no one puts new wine into old wineskins” and then quickly added: “No one, that is, except the Church, the very people who should know better.”…..


  1. Ha! Took me a minute to realize that you were talking about peanuts with a capital "T". And then I had to look up Tim Tebow. Jim, you're making me work here! ;-)

    To obtain the word "Gospel"...? hmm, sounds like a pep-rally. Also sounds a little to "cute" for me.

  2. Sorry, Mich. Thought Tebow a household name by now, the media all over him for his John 3:16 written in the greasepaint under his eyes when he plays. The "Gospel" nonsense hits you as it did me. I shake my head, though, and let people be people.....

    1. Oh, that guy! I do kinda remember seeing him play. Just looking at what I wrote; yikes, must've been half-asleep. Meant capital "P" and "too" cute.

      True about shaking it off and letting things be; never know what speaks to whom.