Monday, February 25, 2013

"Higher Levels..................."

Whether coincidental or not, over the weekend an email from a friend told the story of a hard-working, but happy ant whose employer decided a supervisor might be nice. A cockroach was hired to oversee things. He needed a computer, a laser printer, a spider as a secretary to help with his office management, and a fly to head the newly created IT Department, the operation now big enough to require a cicada to oversee its efficiency. That, of course, meant another computer, another assistant, and staff to prepare a Work Budget Control Statistic report that, when the lion read it, indicated a need to reduce expenditures. Yep; he fired the ant…. I went to a two-hour meeting Saturday morning over at the Youth Detention Center. After more than twelve years of taking Christ to the kids on a regular basis, they now are demanding, not just me, but everyone who participates in the program, to watch a couple of videos and reapply for such status. It seems that, a decade ago, President Bush signed new law intended to hopefully provide better protection against sexual assault for those being held within the judicial system. Sounds like a good idea. What puzzles me is why it should take Kentucky a decade to initiate it. I don’t see as it amounts to much other than more headaches for the fellow in charge of the facility, more legal responsibilities and, in the end, little changed. They’ve photographed me four or five times now for an ID badge; I actually received two; and not yet has anyone ever asked me to show one when we get there. Humanity, it seems, whether we’re talking business, government, or church, has a knack for making mountains out of mole hills. Adam surely had no idea what he was creating when he terminated his original contract with God……

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  1. An accurate picture that you've painted of bureaucracy at its finest. Oy vey.