Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some people tell me I plow too deep. That might be; but I want more than just faith in “faith”. It is not enough for this old man for you to simply quote chapter and verse. I want to know it works in my life. The Bible is truth because He inhabits it, not because we claim to possess an interpretation thereof that is better than all others. Tomorrow marks my forty-first birthday in Christ. As is often the case, my mind, on the drive to school this morning, was tossing around over four decades in this, on this occasion pondering once again the mystery of God’s reality. In my opinion, humanity has always been humanity, flawed in its spiritual make-up, prone to err in feeding its flesh and following its own thinking. Indeed, the only difference between me and previous generations is knowledge gained. The addition doesn’t necessarily make me any smarter; but it does give reason to pause. The world is not flat. While the universe may not yet be fully defined, what we have discovered leaves us with many questions. What lies beyond? Is death merely a step into another dimension? Exactly “who” and “what” is this Creator that spoke all this into existence? It blows my brain into oblivion; and yet we are told “in Him we live, and move, and have our own being.” We read that He “is” love and that He “is” light. In Him “is” no darkness at all. This is what I found in my living room four decades ago when such truth captured me in my living room, flooding my soul and cleansing me from the inside out, an initial restoration, but also an experience left available unto me in the journey yet to come. In the beginning “was” the Word. All these years later, He “is” still the Word. In Him I trust. He holds me by His anchor-line and yea, though I walk through whatever valley, I fear no evil. This goes deeper than my head……


  1. Happy belated "birthday", Jim! For me, sometime in April, it will be 14 years. Yikes!

  2. Fourteen years isn't bad, Mich. Longevity doesn't give us any seniority, though, and the real question is: Is it as "fresh" today as then?...