Friday, March 15, 2013


In "For the Time Being", Annie Dillard ponders God in view of all the ways genetics can bring forth abnormalities in the birthing of humanity. I work in an Elementary Special-Ed unit and am well acquainted with how autism, with its definable symptoms, yet allows for individuality in those born within its grip. Surely inside each of us there is this spiritual being apart from the brain, an intelligence possessing its own identity, its own passions, its own ability to choose and determine its destiny, at least in terms of what we become. Granted: our history and our environment play a huge part in all that; and, while I disagree with that Rene Descartes statement "I think; therefore I am", I do at least entertain the idea of "I think; therefore I become what I am." Therein, it seems to me, lies the point: even if some of us appear to handle the reins better than others, it yet remains that all of us sorely need a better "sense of navigation", a place to which we might run for counsel, wisdom, assurance, and encouragement. This, God brings to us in Christ, the reins left in our hands, the connection our decision, both in its renewal and its frequency of being utilized as we go. Life happens. How we meet it and get through it is a "whole nuther matter"......


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    1. This is basically what I took to the kids at the Detention Center this morning, Annie....