Thursday, March 14, 2013


Our Wednesday evening Bible study last night opened with a look at Acts 1:4-8, the teacher inquiring what we thought Jesus' promise of "power" meant. It surprised me somewhat when all seemed agreed as to it not referring to we, ourselves, becoming some sort of "super saint", the Holy Ghost being an inner source of temporary fulfillment rather than a permanent transfer of authority. I also took note when no one contested my opinion that His words spoke of a "repeated merger", not just the initial Upper Room event, His reference to their future "baptism" in the Spirit seeming to suggest an "indwelling" and "reconnection to the Father" had already been accomplished when He had "breathed upon them" earlier. My pastor like to express it all in terms of Pentecost not being a denomination, but an experience, not a "level" achieved, but a well to which we can return again and again. I add only that the depth available to us in such encounter is determined by His grace, His wisdom, and our willingness to surrender ourselves unto all that He is, the fact that we're "wet" when we step out of the pool in no way negating the truth of life drying us out rather quickly afterwards. We are but a "glitch" in the program, salvaged as a vessel through which He might reach a lost and dying world; and it works best when we realize that He is the "dynamo" in this. It doesn't take a seminary degree, charisma, or an ability to sing like some celebrity. Witnessing doesn't always require words and "tongues" is not an initiation into superior ranks.....

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