Friday, March 29, 2013


The fellow who teaches our Wednesday evening class stepped into Christ about twelve years ago and, other than having been shaped by his experience with us, is also well read far beyond all this television theology filling our book shelves nowadays. He shares the “pulpit” in this study on an every other week basis with a friend invited to do so, this guy raised in Baptist theology, married into our denominational flavor, and actually merging into our ranks a few decades ago when the Charismatic wind blew through everything. I highly respect both men. I obviously often disagree with them, our thinking in this having been forged out of different journeys thus far. Mostly, the teacher and I merely dance around the claim of Biblical infallibility, the two of us as one in so far as it being “inspired”, he not willing to remove it, in any form or fashion, from the pedestal our group has given it. The second guy seems to see the Holy Ghost in terms of the indwelling being “fused” with him in such a way that the gift of prophesy is a news flash waiting to happen. I take him with “a grain of salt”. In truth (or at least the way I see it), God is in each of us, shaping us as we go, warts and all. While Judgment Day is a given, the “finals” will be more about our heart and the thirst we had to know Him in our walk, not a percentage score on how correct we were in our interpretation of the Book. What we “have” is Christ; and surely, if He has us, we are able to love each other, encourage each other, in a way that promotes the Kingdom, not tear it down….


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    1. Have a great Easter, Mich. One more week here until our break!...

  2. Happy Easter to you, Jim. We're at the tail end of our Spring Break, sad to say.