Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I’ve been listening to a debate on “The Monster God”, sponsored by IHOPU and presenting two theologies, one held by Dr. Michael Brown, an American Messianic Jew, and another perspective endorsed by Pastor Brian Zahnd who birthed Word of Life church our of a coffee house ministry. Such title for the event was assigned only to reflect on the subject of whether or not Calvary was an angry judgment inflicted by the Father upon His Son, or a victory achieved by a deified Christ that should reveal unto us the Almighty’s all-encompassing nature as being one of love. There will be no deeper definition of the exercise shared here. It’s easy enough to Google You Tube and make one’s own assessment of the event. This old man’s thoughts, however, tends to accept both sides, finding neither to be “the whole truth”, indeed both, it seems to me, being void in considering, as Paul Harvey used to put it, “the rest of the story”. Carving “mental totem poles” is just part of this journey, as I see it, just so long as we are willing to admit that, even with the Bible as a basis for what we believe, what we bow down before is always short of having captured the Creator. Our conception of God should always be a “work under construction”, a pursuit in progress and held together by our surrender unto His tug on an “umbilical cord restored”. Stink arises when there is no flow, when the image is set in concrete and life is no more than what we, ourselves, attempt to breathe into it. Take away the Trinity and you have eliminated a “complete circuit”, Christ “in” me reduced to the Gospel as each man determines it for himself. Until we learn that the Holy Ghost is a reality extended unto us, deity in His own right, a vital piece of the puzzle giving grace in our stagger down the path, all we really possess is argument wrapped up in our own vanity……

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