Tuesday, December 30, 2014


With less than two days left before we begin another orbit around the physical source of our existence, I find myself absorbed this morning in exploring the spiritual side of such reality. Admittedly, as my wife will tell anyone, this is where this old man usually can be found. If some religious author’s book doesn’t have me digesting his point of view, this computer provides both other written material to be examined and a place for me to sort it all out on paper. When I read, therefore, some pastor speak of it being midnight, his wife and three kids sound asleep in bed, and he, himself, strolling the inner city streets deep in thought, it “connects”. Can you get so far “out there” that you’re not just isolated for a few moments, but living there with nothing on your mind but self? It depends, it seems to me, as to whether you’re seeking Him or just reinforcing your own theology, your own ministry. If the vessel doesn’t know flow from the “belly”, there’s a good chance that all you’ve been feeding is your own ego. Sunday morning at the Youth Detention Center, when the “pulpit” was handed to me, there was no need for a sermon. Others in my group had already poured enough of His presence into our midst and more “words” were not necessary. An old song came up out of my own personal part of that well and, for a few moments, with tears streaming down several of those faces seated around the room, we were one in Him. That doesn’t have to happen just in outreach and it doesn’t mean encounter has to involve singing, prophesy, or any other overt manifestation of He who abides within. In truth, neither is it anything that you, yourself, can control, other than being both willing and hungry to know it in your daily walk. From “faith to faith” is the way the Book puts it, not from church service to church service. Christ abides, year round. There are no clocks in Heaven…..


  1. Okay, no clocks. But is there baseball?

    Do you know that old joke?

    "it doesn’t mean encounter has to involve singing, prophesy, or any other overt manifestation"

    That's what I like about God; he's full of surprises. What was the song?

    1. Haven't heard that joke, Mich. The song is one written long ago while going through a "dry spot" with the church. Don't claim to be a singer, nor a song writer, nor a musician, but picked up an old guitar and this just "spilled out":

      If it seems your life is all uphill and there's no place to go; if every day's a struggle that leaves you feelin low; maybe all your friends have left one by one and now you don't know what to do; well, there's still One who understands and give His word to you..

      I'll not leave you nor forsake you; you can count on me; It's God's promise and His promise is for all eternity. Though your faith seems small, His faith is all you'll need to pull you through; So put your trust in Him and believe again, cause God believes in you.

      Maybe somewhere in this journey, you slipped and lost your way; and it seems that you have failed Him so that there's no need to pray; but the blood that flowed down Calvary's tree still makes lives brand new; and the One who died, then rose again, still give His word to you.

      I'll not leave you nor......

      ****I've left several comments on your site, google translating them into French; but haven't yet figured out how to tell if you are getting them. Your last three pictures have me wondering, the scenes indicating to me a birthing of Christ that has faded with the passing of time. Was that what you intended?

    2. First the joke. I can't tell a joke to save my life so I dug it up on the internet.


      I like the lyric to your song. I can almost hear a melody as I read it. I think you should do a quick recording and post it!

      No, I haven't seen any comments since the one you left a couple of weeks ago. I've checked the spam area and nothing there either. I went to Google help and others have posted something about comments not appearing. This is all I found:

      "Third party cookies filtering, in a browser setting, is the most common solution, overall - but your readers may have to search for other filter(s) that affect their use of Blogger / Google."

      Not sure what's going there....

      As for my recent post, I'm just having a bit of fun and seeing where the next one leads me. The Christmas ones were just a commentary about the business and craziness versus what it's all about and how hard it is too keep the focus in the right place.

      The blowing away in the wind is kind of how my mind has a hard time retaining stuff and how easily distracted I become.

      That's my take on it. I do like to hear what impressions others have so I'm a little disappointed not to be able to see your comments.

      I got someone to comment and theirs showed up no problem...strange.

    3. I have heard the joke before, Mich, but smiled again in reading it anyhow. As far as posting a recording of me singing that song, I'm afraid that's a bit over my technical abilities. Think "country" and "simple". That's close. My skills in such area aren't much; but when it comes up from somewhere deep inside me, the Holy Ghost more than me, He seems to use it on occasion. Just know that I'm enjoying visits to your artwork and can touch base with you here if I can't master connection there.

    4. Country and simple is exactly what I was hearing. Still it would be nice to hear the real McCoy!

      I'm really puzzled by the blog comment thing though...thanks for your efforts in that regard! :-)

  2. Hey! I like the song, too! And was also thinking how good it would be to hear you singing it, the voice of a friend whose voice I've never heard!

  3. Hey! So good to hear from you! Just signed in and, as the screen changed, thought I had seen "two hours ago" notated there beside your name, and was about to go there next. Finding your comment was a pleasant surprise. Maybe I'll check with the grandkids and try to figure out how this You-Tube experience works....