Saturday, December 13, 2014


They tell me that Thomas Jefferson, finding it hard to accept all the miracles, all the enigmas such as Ezekiel and his wheel, simply rejected most of the Book and rewrote it to suit himself. The moral tones within the original were deemed proper instruction to utilize in the raising of his children; but how much he, himself, absorbed any of it is beyond my knowing. History does record an accusation of at least one indiscretion with a member of his household female staff. The third President of our nation, however, is far from being isolated in “throwing out the baby with the bath water”; and, by that, I do not speak of simply dismissing the Bible altogether, but of creating God in our own image, settling for a totem instead of Christ “in” me. People do it in various ways. To be truthful, it might be said that we all stand guilty to some degree any time we, as believers, get sidetracked to a point where God needs a chisel to reach us through a theology we’ve set in concrete. That’s not to say we can’t hold to some doctrine, convinced of its integrity through having found it anchored in chapter and verse; but it does seem pretty safe to say we can’t all be right! There’s nothing wrong with our being passionate about some portion of the Word. We just can’t take it to the point where we become deaf and blind to the sound of His voice. The roots of our faith must be buried in Him in such a way as to His Spirit being that which directs our path, adjusts our course, flows through us to become a witness of His reality. It’s not about me having solved the enigma. Rather, I am thankful for such a mystery that remains more than I can conquer, a connection that comes up out of some inner well, surprising me at times, but always a matter of me then being willing to lay myself on His altar. In the darkness, He is my light, the tug on my reins as I go……


  1. Yeah, no kidding. I have to keep this passage in mind and certainly Thomas J. should have done the same, I suppose:

    “ 'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord."

    DuH?... to use the common vernacular. I can't think how many times I have to look back and say: "Darn good thing I didn't get my way, actually."

    It doesn't mean I'm okay with everything that happens though, that's for sure. And I still give God my feedback. But I think the sanctimonious me is a tough nut to crack.

    1. Left a comment on your site today, but still not sure if I'm doing it right. Tried to use what little French remains in me, but ended up (even thought I was close to saying it correctly) correct a word or two via Google translation. As far as what you say here, being "human" is just who we are. What counts is admitting to it and giving it all to Him...