Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I have long referred to that last week of the year as seeming like existing in a state of limbo, all the hustle and bustle that goes with Christmas suddenly reduced to shoppers either returning items for one reason or another or simply looking for bargains now on sale at an even cheaper price. What occupies our mind is our inane reasoning that a special click of the clock, a turning of the calendar page, somehow gives us a second chance, one more orbit to grab the brass ring, change our habits, hope is in a fresh look at the horizon. At seventy-three, finally retired and doing nothing other than a couple of outreach ministries that assign me any sort of “scheduled expectation” in my life, that state of “limbo” is an ever present threat. My earlier plans for this stage of the journey, should it come to be, was visiting those in the hospital and volunteering at church in some capacity. Several issues have altered such hope. My days are mostly spent with computer games, crossword puzzles, juggling a couple of books, and watching television with Beth. Throw in a trip or two to the mall, dinner out three or four times a week, and an occasional errand run for one of the girls. It would be easy to sink into the ennui. Two things prevent that: Exercise, for one, the mental part of which has already been noted, the physical part a commitment kept with either my treadmill or the church gymnasium running track. The second is faith, His in me confirmed through encounters here and there along the way, mine fueled by the same. It is an affair kept fresh through pursuit, in a prayer wherein my words sometimes stumble into His, and in wrestling with words otherwise, be it here in this blog, a church journal, Facebook entries, or something to share with the kids at the Center, the men at the mission. The river runs deep, feeds my soul, and keeps “adventure” before me. No limbo; more like a dance in the dark with Holy Ghost and a flashlight…..


  1. "No limbo; more like a dance in the dark with Holy Ghost and a flashlight….."

    Good way to look at things. Yes, I can completely understand that the plans we may have made in younger times are not carved in stone.

    1. That line just popped up "out of the well", whether His or mine is debatable. It does seem to capture the truth, though; for even if the encounters sometimes are strong in overflowing the vessel, the waters recede and holding His hand in the darkness can be a stumble down the path. Still, Mich, give me my Indiana Jones hat and bullwhip and let me go forth with Him....

    2. At first I had Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark playing in my head and now, it's the theme from Indiana Jones!!