Monday, December 22, 2014

"Free Will.............."

My oldest daughter has been wearing a “boot” for about two weeks after surgery on her ankle; and while crutches now provide her with at least some mobility, it’s been, otherwise, pretty much a “couch” experience. People from the church have been continually dropping by with food, sparing Mark the expense of “take-out” every night. Yesterday evening, after a phone call invitation, Beth and I walked through our back yard over to their log cabin to get a container of Christmas candy brought there by a common friend still visiting. Discussion turned, for whatever reason, to tattoos, gauges, the need this present generation seems to possess for disfiguring their body to the point of “extreme dosage”. From there, it evolved into other areas that simply lend more proof to the reality of how much the individuality of our humanity is more than we can fathom, often provoking us to “pick up our sword” and attack, verbally, physically, making “war” either way. Politics, religion, as little as someone’s passion for a certain sports team can make enemies out of family members and close acquaintances. “Peace on earth” may well have been divinely announced to shepherds watching o’er their flocks more than a couple of centuries ago; but mankind has well proven ever since that such message was an invitation, not a “Let there be light!” sort of proclamation. So it is, as I have found it to be within any community of believers. While the above hospitality shown to Brenda as she heals pictures what Christ “in” me should bring forth, in truth does there exist that congregation who has had no disputes within its midst, whose business meetings have never known heated disagreement? Emanuel, God “with” us, went from manger to Cross to resurrection in our innermost parts. Manifestation of such truth, however, is a choice we must make, ourselves, every day…….

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