Friday, February 17, 2012


I listened to Fox News last night as Rick Santorum answered Greta Van Susteren’s questions about his religious views, she concerned not only as to how his own Catholic beliefs would be handled in the White House, but also curious as to how he would address the crude attempt at humor recently put forth by one of his supporters. The Presidential hopeful stood his ground, pointing to his record as evidence that holding office did not mean requiring all others to believe as he does; and then, while admitting to his friend’s poor choice of words, he refused to serve him up to be crucified. From my perspective, he maintained his integrity throughout the conversation, looking public opinion and the Press right in the face and speaking straight from his heart. I like him. Can he beat Obama? I don’t know; but he appears to me an honest politician. Surely that’s an oxymoron if ever there was one, our government down through the years having pretty well convinced us that holding office in D.C. equates to possessing little or no ethics. I’d sure love to be convinced otherwise, though; and, while I’ve not seen a whole lot in the last three years or so to convince me that “change” in any way meant sweeping out the corruption entrenched in our nation’s capitol, this country yet means enough to me that I dare to hope……

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