Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Theological Accounting...................."

The deeper I get into Watchman Nee, the more I remember why my former decision not to pursue any further collection of his works. It had nothing to do with him failing to set a good meal in front of me; merely that, having eaten his main course, I found his theology more apt to appeal to this modern “name it and claim it” bunch. He speaks of our needing “revelation from God” before we, as believers, can begin to grasp the truth of our being, “in Christ, “dead from sin”, seeing the term “reckon” much like “faith”, a gift from on high, not something that we, ourselves, accomplish. He loses me, however, when he seemingly sees such deliverance as a permanent condition in which we walk. Ignoring his admission to the “old man” being a problem yet within us and acknowledging that our humanity is no match for the flesh, he but counts “Spiritual enlightenment” as an answer to the whole issue. My eyes have been opened, many times in my seventy years, though, and it has been my experience that “epiphanies”, in whatever form they come, are merely “educational steps forward” in which what you think you’ve learned is always subject to future re-evaluation. Truth is always much more than our personal claim of possessing it. As far as I’m concerned, a man can tell himself all he wants that a verse of Scripture pronounces him free of who and what he is in his Adamic nature; but I want more than just my own determination of where I stand in Him on a daily basis. Grace is a fountain found at the foot of the Cross, a river of living water available unto us via the Holy Ghost, an assurance we can find and know each time we choose to return to that sacred altar established within the depth of our existence. He, alone, confirms my salvation, again and again as I fall at His feet and seek rest……

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